Our mission

We offer a highly creative, bespoke service that will help individuals who want to start a service-based business or seeking an entrepreneurial lifestyle where they can be their own manager and can set their own hours to build their bright future. 

Employment Opportunities

We care deeply about seeing all people being able to take advantage of the new economic opportunities being presented in our corner of the city. Our hope is that Logistics Express Business Service is a catalyst for new representation and growth.

Other Services

Business services

We can provide direct or referral business services used by individuals or businesses to conduct their day to day business activities.

Social services

Our can provide direct or referral services to individuals or local non-profit organizations to pursue a certain set of social goals. This free of charge assistance can be provided through C.H.C Self-Help.

Personal services

We provide employee recruiting and training services for your business to improve and allow your employee reach their full working potential.

Local Businesses